Mourinho: Being Malta’s Coach was my dream

Jose Mourinho sounded his disappointment at the news that being Malta’s next National football coach was just an April fool by this somewhat news portal LoonyNews. The question is, whether he is what we really need to shine on international profile.

The Portuguese coach firmly believed that Malta would be interested in having him on board as the new Manager. He was so upset about it that he turned his house yard into a boxing arena.

It seems that neighbours saw him running wild in his yard, screaming around and punching trees, with the end result being wounded knuckles. Another result was of course, that of the neighbours being cross and having a laugh considering that he looked like an escaped mouse.

Just last Sunday, LoonyNews reported that Mourinho would be Malta’s next National football team Manager.

Reactions of having Jose Mourinho as Malta’s National Coach made waves and reactions from football fans were varied. Some were positive to have him on board and were already dreaming of Malta winning the World Cup, whilst others where objecting this idea wholeheartedly due to their dislike to his personality.

Screenshot of some comments from fb both ours and maybe from The Salott.


Mourinho’s axe from Manchester United looks like history, even if this happened just last December. Surely it will be a fat chapter in a history book on Manchester United. Epic. Since then, sports fanatics from all over the world have been trying to guess Mourinho’s next move, his next job. The question was – would Mourinho really choose Malta?

It is no secret that Malta’s national football team can have its lows and faced harsh defeats. It must also be recognised that Malta’s last performance against Faroe Islands and Spain were exceptional to the joy of its many supporters.

Having said this, it seems that the Portuguese controversial character was indeed disappointed that the news of him leading the Malta National Football team was just an April fool by this Loonynews portal.

After suffering such an April fool, Mourinho is determined to have this day cancelled from the April calendar as according to his aides, it was too tough to digest such unfair news. The now unemployed Portuguese Manager confessed to his closest that coming to Malta was a dream come through, not only because he was tired of staying home doing nothing, except watch football, but also because he wanted a new meaning for his life.

He is still figuring out where his future belongs.

What is your say on this? Do you see Jose Mourinho as Malta’s next football national coach?

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