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Online Sports Gambling is a growing business with thousands of new players opening their accounts every day. Fact remains that with so many online bookmakers available out there at the fingertips of punters, that the end user is pretty much spoiled for choice.  It is hard to decide and choose the best sportsbook out there. Here is Loony’s quick guide for an inexperienced sports bettor, who is ready to roll and dive into action.

Following our reviews one can find some prestigious top online bookmaker reviews which have a staunch track record, ample advantages and a really good reputation, thanks to the top quality betting services offered to millions of customers worldwide. The very first thing Loony suggests is to take your time and do some research with search engines. Most of the top online bookmakers offer similar services in terms of quality and features. Each bookmaker is better-known for a particular advantage or feature.

There are many watchdogs and webmasters who write online sportsbooks reviews and are active in several different sportsbooks forums around the world. If you notice complaints about certain sportsbook being unable to pay in time or just communicate with customers, beware. Loony tip – if you notice a particular sportsbook to be blacklisted, forget that bookmaker – better safe than sorry. This also applies even if their sign-up bonus appears to be tremendously attractive. All bookmakers vary from one to the next in sometimes subtle ways. Question remains, how can you be sure that you are picking the one online sport betting site that is right for you?

The most important aspect in this business is, trust. Even if everything seems to be ok, what does your gut say to you? If you’re still not sure, maybe you should stick to well-known land-based sportsbooks, to known brands. Good luck with those!

As a punter you will have different preferences from the next punter and so on, for your betting needs, so this is all a personal choice. Perhaps you are attracted in receiving loads of promotions at you on a daily basis, or else you might prefer those long-running offers that never seem to change. It is purely a personal choice. You are the one in control of your keyboard and navigation preference, so whether you’re online through your laptop, mobile device to go into a betting site, make sure to find a website that you find easy, reliable, trustworthy and quick to navigate.

Take note about top online bookmakers

o Make sure to visit our Bookmaker page individually and make a shortlist with all the leading top online bookmakers.
o Take note for each top online bookmaker and write their main advantages and features.
o What type of bettor are you?  Or else on what sporting events you bet and what you enjoy most in terms of betting services.
o Analyse each top online bookmaker to find out which is the best for you.

Not all top online bookmakers provide services with the same quality, and that is why it is very important to compare them based on their reputation. When you register to an online bookmaker you will receive: full support, guides, tutorials, operators ready to help you and all services that you need to get started. Make sure to check out our Loony Freebets and Loony News to keep yourself updated with any promotional offers.

Promotional offers

While most of online bookmakers offer different betting promotions and of course, different markets and different prices. It is worth looking at the features before you sign up, ensuring that you getting a good deal before you sign up. Most of all you will also want to know that you are getting excellent customer support for your personal account when you join. It is important to know how bookies operate, such as how and when you can deposit or withdrawal money from your account. These are little things which sometimes get overlooked, especially because of the many tempting welcome offers that online bookmakers put forth to try and earn your custom.

How to Use Betting Offers

People like to use free bonuses and all of them have their merits. In fact for this reason they will bet on something with high odds and hoping that if it comes in, they will win a lot of money; if it doesn’t then no harm has been done.

On the other hand others might be a bit more cautions with the way that they use their free bet and they will often play the system to ensure that they make a profit. This can be done by backing a result on one site and then laying the same result on a betting exchange site. As a result regardless of the result, they stand to make at least a small profit. In fact, it is possible to continue this betting practice long after you have used up your free bet.

To obtain these freebet all you need to do is register with an online bookmaker (you can check out our top online bookmakers for an idea) offering this type of bet and then deposit enough money to activate the free bet offer, which is usually going to be no more than €50. When you are making the bet, ensure that you have checked ticked all the right boxes to indicate that you are using your free bet, otherwise it could be a costly mistake!

There’s no best way to use free bet offers. Some like to gamble it up and some like to play it safe. The choice is yours.


Best Betting Offers Online

There are so many and various offers found on LoonyNews, we have picked and assessed the most valuable for each of the most common bonus offers.

One can take a look at our rated bookmaker and our overall opinion. We hope that this site will be your guide for you online sport betting, allowing you to get the best value and the best service out there.

At LoonyNews we offer a huge selection of online sport betting markets on every match, often giving punters a choice on more than 100 betting options per game. Popular types include match result (home, draw, away), over/under, European & Asian handicap, correct score, half-time result 1st goal scorer, and countless other markets. Of course there are a lot of different sports available for betting, not only football. Most online sports betting sites offer a variety of over 20 sports, from basketball to tennis, American football to baseball and snooker to darts.

A bettor can choose whether he wants to place a single bet on one of the markets or combine several selections in a parlay to gain bigger returns. You should choose an online betting site that offers a broad selection of betting choices, in order to gain an advantage over the bookies.

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