He’s got the moves like… Ali G

West Ham in Da House

Moves like Ali G
Photo credits: Getty Images

West Ham’s Antonio showed off some dancing skills while celebrating his goal against Fulham by trying to mimick Ali G.

His celebratory dance taken from the movie Ali G Indahouse, was only but a preview to what Michail Antonio has in mind.

It has been reported since that the explosive winger is preparing this special performance in order to compete in the next edition of Britain’s Got Talent!

And check out his moves below posted on his own Twitter account.

West Ham in Da House 👌🏾🤣 If you know you know!!! #booyakasha pic.twitter.com/ebxZIQ7DTn

— Michail Antonio (@Michailantonio) February 22, 2019

Pretty Slick huh?! But that’s not all! Antonio wasn’t pleased with his solo performance and in order to take it to another level he decided to recruit help from a couple of friends. His friends being a certain guy called Jamie Carragher and another bloke called Gary Neville. Upon Antonio’s offer, the two friends were said to be ecstatic in their chances to perform on such a big stage as Britain’s Got Talent and were keen to start practicing their moves immediately! The newly-hired backing dancers were so excited that they wanted to get right down to it! And the trio were later caught practicing their moves on the green turf of West Ham’s Olympic Stadium.

We can clearly see in the video that the bloke on the left, Mr. Carragher, has tonnes of experience in the field providing Antonio with real technical and expert advice.

On the other hand, the other fellow, the one on the right is absolutely rubbish!

Loony is pleading at Antonio to ditch the guy on the right as it will definitely hurt his chances in winning the competition.

“Dear Antonio, ditch Mr Neville and take ME as your other backing dancer. I am pretty sure I will complete a fantastic trio of DNEGELs with you and Jamie! Plus I’ve got some MEAN moves of my own😂😂

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